Now That The Election’s Over, Where Do We Stand?



I am sure you are all wondering what the election results mean for each of you personally, for our company, for our country, and for the world. And my honest answer is I don’t know. But here is what we do know:


Watching the CNN map unfold on Tuesday night revealed stark differences in how people voted based on where they live. Rodale, the company that I am CEO of, is based in both places (“rural” Pennsylvania and New York City), and we see in our daily lives just how different the experiences and the people are. Years ago I did research on the political leanings of our customer base, and I discovered we have extremes on both sides—conservative and liberal—which we see whenever we feature a politician in one of our brands. Here is what we need to remember: All Americans, no matter what their political leanings, are seeking to be healthy, happy, and well.

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